In 2018 I undertook a two-month teaching residency with Ravensthorpe Regional Arts Council. My task was to saturate five regional Western Australian towns in contemporary dance. This project gave every school student in the region an opportunity to dance, as well as offering classes for children aged 5 years and under, and adult classes.

Promoting the joy in dancing and embracing the communities’ ideas for moving was central to my approach. We played games, explored different qualities of movement, collaborated, learned sequences and played lots of musical statues!

I am always interested in how people experience dance, so I gathered some reflections at the end of my residency. These are some of my favourites:

Dance makes me feel free like the wind and positive like the sky.

Year 5/6 student

It feels like everything is possible.

Year 4 student

This project was funded by the State Government of Western Australia and Country Arts WA.