You never leave anyone behind. You always give us a chance to speak up if we need help.

Queensland University of Technology

I began teaching dance in 2009 and have worked across school, community, and tertiary contexts. In the studio, I teach contemporary dance, ballet and jazz technique. I also teach dance theory, history and analysis. Teaching credits include:

We very much enjoyed having Anja come to our school. The staff were very impressed with her management of the group and warm, encouraging manner with the students. The students had a wonderful time and felt they had really learnt a new skill.

All Hallows' School


I am interested in relationships between audience members and performers.

Who am I performing in this space?

Who are you, as an audience member, performing?

Do I know that you’re here?

How does our relationship affect what happens?

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Concept & development: Anja Ali-Haapala & Natalie Lazaroo.

Anja comes from a contemporary dance background, and Natalie has a background in contemporary and applied theatre. Both women share a passion for scholarly research and creative practice, and this collaboration seeks to not only bring our individual performance backgrounds into conversation, but also to allow us to engage in the praxis of our work. Our collaborative work is inspired by strong visual images that can spark further exploration through the languages of dance, physical theatre, and circus.

In 2016, a first development of this work was developed with the support of Vulcana Women’s Circus through their Incubator program.

As a performer, I have worked with:

Images by Dan Cooper & Anja Ali-Haapala.