Ballet Moves for Adult Creative Health

In 2017 I led a 10-month mixed methods research project on teaching practice for delivering ballet to active older adults, and the subsequent wellbeing outcomes for participants. This was a Queensland Ballet project in partnership with Queensland University of Technology, and was supported by the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland initiative. More information is available here.

Audience & Access Evaluation

As Supercell Festival of Contemporary Dance launched its first program in 2017, I designed and managed a framework and methodology for evaluation. Focusing on the festival’s Audience & Access goals, this evaluation sought to provide insight regarding audience experiences of the festival in order to inform future iterations.

Catalyst Project

A 2015 project commissioned by Expressions Dance Company and funded by the Australia Council for the Arts. Working with Erica Rose Jeffrey, this project involved desk research and community consultation to inform the development of a youth training program for Expressions Dance Company.

Open Rehearsal Research

Development and trialling of an open rehearsal model for non-expert audiences in 2013. The trials were conducted with Sydney Dance Company (Sydney, Australia) and The Australian Ballet (Melbourne, Australia), and formed part of my doctoral research at Queensland University of Technology. More info here.


Peer-reviewed papers

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Ali-Haapala, A. (2016). ‘Insider-other’: Spectator-dancer relationships fostered during open rehearsals [doctoral thesis]. Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.

Professional publications

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