A recently launched project of mine is the Early Career Researchers Community – Dance (ECR Community). This is an initiative, led by myself and Sarah Knox, to build an international peer support group of early career dance researchers. Sarah and I met in picturesque Angers, France (see below) at the 2014 World Dance Alliance Global Summit. At this time I was in that painful write-up phase of my PhD and spent most of the conference waiting for someone to notice the imposter that I was! I needed to find ‘my people’, fellow research students who I could relate to. Once I found them, I realised that I wasn’t the only one looking for this community.

Fast forward to now and ECR Community has launched a newsletter! As the community grows, we hope to expand our activities to better connect, support and develop our community through:

  • professional development, mentoring and networking opportunities,
  • peer support, and
  • information sharing.

For us, ‘ECR’ means current research students and researchers within 5 years of completing their research degree. Find out more here.