Ausdance Queensland invited me to present a workshop on evaluation. This is a field of work that I have discovered after my academic research training and is a great example of how useful research skills are in the arts!

As an introduction to evaluation, I designed this workshop to focus on broad, overarching ideas and thinking processes that are undertaken at the beginning of an evaluation process. What is evaluation? How does it help us? Where do we begin?

The workshop demonstrated a four-step process to identify project or organisational goals, pin down the tangible elements that ground these goals, and identify types of information that can tell us something about the extent to which we’re achieving them. This is the upfront thinking that then guides the selection of data collection tools and analysis methods.

If we get the upfront thinking right, the evaluation will be meaningful and useful.

I offer a consulting service for artists and organisations seeking to undertake research or evaluation. Services include:

  • scoping projects and pinning down research questions,
  • designing methods for data collection and analysis,
  • coordinating data collection,
  • analysis and reporting,
  • coaching to develop in-house capability.

Get in touch if you would like to know more.