Ballet for Seniors

In 2017 I led a 10-month mixed methods research project on teaching practice for delivering ballet to active older adults, and the subsequent wellbeing outcomes for participants. The findings strongly indicated that ballet participation was considered to be a highly pleasurable activity for active older adults, with outcomes felt across social, emotional and physical wellbeing. The project partners were Queensland Ballet and Queensland University of Technology, with funding from Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland initiative. More information about the project here. Report here.

Open Rehearsals

Culminating in my PhD (awarded  2016), this research focused on the development and trialling of an open rehearsal model for non-expert audiences. Particular attention was paid to the experience of attending an open rehearsal and the subsequent performance experience, with the findings indicating a more intimate, personal relationship between rehearsal spectator and dancer. The trials were conducted with Sydney Dance Company and The Australian Ballet, who have since expanded their behind-the-scenes offerings to the public. Publications here.

Youth Dance

Commissioned by Expressions Dance Company and funded by the Australia Council for the Arts, in 2015 I worked with Erica Rose Jeffrey to undertake desk research and community consultation to inform the development of a youth training program for the company. Expressions Dance Company has since actioned the findings of this project and initiated a youth dance company in 2018.


Supercell Dance Festival

Since the festival’s inaugural season in 2017 I have led the the annual Audience & Access evaluation. Focusing on the festival’s goals for patron experiences, I have designed a bespoke evaluation framework that speaks directly to these goals and that maps progress over time. The evaluation design balances measurement of the ‘what’ using quantitative data alongside the ‘why’ and ‘how’ through open-ended qualitative responses.

Brisbane Writers Festival

In 2018 I undertook audience research and evaluation of the Brisbane Writers Festival, presented by UPLIT. This was predominately a quantitative project which opened up the possibility of collecting data across several areas: festival patron demographics, interests and reading habits; experiences of the festival; marketing; and sponsorship and philanthropy. By taking care to study previous research and evaluation cycles and designing consistent methods into this project, the festival has been able to make reliable year-on-year comparisons.


I offer consulting services for research and evaluation in the performing arts. I draw from a range of methodologies to develop tailor-made approaches to suit the unique requirements of the project. Services include:

  • pinning down research questions and scope
  • methodology design
  • literature, bench-marking and contextual research
  • focus group, interview, survey and creative data collection methods
  • analysis
  • communicating research to all stakeholders.

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